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This is graveller. A two day gravel event, on the north side of the Veluwe in the Netherlands.

We love nature and we love bikes. That's why we always search for new off-road paths. As we like to meet like-minded gravel enthusiasts, we decided to organize a gravel event. On August 28-29, we launch our first gravel event. In two days, we will explore the north side of the Veluwe in the Netherlands, and enjoy nature of the bike. Find out more about graveller on this page.


The very first edition of graveller will be held on 28 and 29 August 2021. Participants receive the complete program after registering.


We arrange a campsite, you'll have to bring your own tent, camper or just a mattress and a sleeping bag.


On both days you can choose between short and longer routes, for gravel beginners or experts. You will receive the gpx files upfront.


We arrange a bbq and on Saturday. On Sunday we'll arrange breakfast. We will also provide some race fuel and post ride beers.


A gravel bike is the best bike to bring to this event, but a mtb or cross bike will also do the trick. We recommend at least 32 mm tires with profile.


You can join graveller 2021 for €139 euros (early bird). Camper spots are available for €20 euros.

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The first edition of Graveller will be held on the north side of the Veluwe in the Netherlands. The Veluwe is known for its forests and stray deer. You might see some, if you decide to start your ride early. The gravel routes will show you the beauty of the Veluwe forests, the heathland and the Kroondomein of the Loo Palace. More information about the routes can be found here.


We will stay at a nature campsite. That means you're going back to basic. You'll sleep in your own tent or camper. Please note that this is not a family campsite with luxurious sanitary facilities. We have showers and toilets, but they are limited. You might need to wait a few minutes and drink a beer first when you want to take a shower after your ride.


routes & bikes

Your aero roadbike with 25 mm tires is not the best bike to bring to graveller. We advice to bring a gravel bike to this event, but an mtb or cross bike will also do the trick. Only have a road bike? We recommend at least 32 mm tires with profile.

For both Saturday and Sunday, we will provide routes for beginners and gravel pros. The routes vary in length. The gpx files will be send to all participants upfront. Graveller is not a race. There's no start or finish time and we do not have segments to win prizes. Just ride and have a good day.

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no start time, no segments. just ride and have a good day

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